Nee Mathram Mathi Enikku – Chords

Guitar Chords for Malayalam Christian Devotional Song: Nee Mathram Mathi

Two other versions of this song are also available:

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Verse 1:

       C                  Em
Yehova Yireh, Dhaathavaam Dhaivam
    Am      F     G
Nee Mathram Mathi Enikku
       C	      Em
Yehova Raapha, Sowkya Dhaayakan
      Am      F       G
Thaan Adippinaraal Sowkyam
       C	      Em
Yehova Shamma, Koodeyirikkum.
     Am	   F	     G
Nalkumavan Aavasyangal

Chorus: F G Nee Mathram Mathi Am Em Nee Mathram Mathi F G C Nee Mathram Mathi Enikku

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: C Em Yehovah Elohim, Srishtaavaam Dhaivam A F G Nin vachanathal Ulavayellam C Am Yehovah Elyon Athyunnathan Nee Am F G Ninne Pole Mattarumilla C Em Yehovah Shalom En Samadhaanam. Am F G Nalki Nin Shanthi Ennil

Repeat Chorus

  1. I love to hear GOD songs.

    Thank you

  2. Plz give me chord for song vazhthidunnu njan athyunnathane

  3. please send me the piano note and chord for the christian devotional song viriyoo prabathame…. viriyu prakasame yesuve misihaeee divyamam velichame

  4. which is the strumming pattern?


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