Does God exist?

If yes, what evidence is there for God?

Does God Exist -

The short answer is yes, God exists. There is a wealth of evidence both scientific (in the classic sense) and non-scientific (experiential) that leaves us in no doubt that God exists. The Bible is the true record that God has provided for us to know Him and provides convincing answers to the deepest questions of life.

There are various approaches that can be taken for arguing for the existence of God:

1. What God has already revealed to man through nature

Creation itself testifies of God. Why does the Bible say that man is inexcusable when it comes to not accepting God?

  • Psalm 19:1–4 shows that God’s actions and His presence is seen in His creation. Today over 90% of people1 in the world cannot see the beauty of the night sky due to light pollution from the cities. If one could behold the beauty of the night sky and the awesome sights God has created in the heavens, it would be very difficult to be convinced that there is no God. God wanted man to see His works, marvel and realise that He created them. This is probably also the reason that almost every ancient civilization and tribe worshipped some form of god. Even in their seemingly ‘primitive’ state, they could see the wonder of creation for what it really was – marvelous creations of a master Artist. Indeed, Romans 1:20 says that God’s attributes of supernatural power and divine nature are evident in creation and have long been perceived by men.
  • Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that a longing to learn more about the spiritual side of life and a yearning for knowledge of the afterlife is part of man’s nature. No doubt, this is so evident in today’s culture with many seeking esoteric and hidden knowledge in an effort to make sense of life.

 2. Fulfilled prophecies of the Bible

It can be proven beyond doubt that the Bible is reliable as a source of history and in fact is more reliable than many other historical sources held in esteem by the scientific community.

  • The Old Testament contains over 2500 prophecies, of which over 2000 have come to pass so far. The remaining will also be fulfilled in the years to come. Jesus Himself fulfilled every single one of those about the Messiah. Another example is the creation of the nation of Israel as the Bible predicted. The fulfillment of Biblical prophecies is proof that the Bible is true and can be relied upon.
  • Some of the scientific facts that the Bible mentions, long before they were discovered by science are: both man and women possess the seed of life (Genesis 3:15), the earth is round (Isaiah 40:22), is suspended in space (Job 26:7), air has weight (Job 28:25), light is divisible (Job 38:24), matter is made up of invisible particles (Romans 1:20) and many more.
  • For more details of the reliability of the Bible and its veracity, read this article (coming soon!).

 3. Changed lives and miracles

Not all evidence needs to be measurable and quantifiable. Human experiences are a prime example. Those who have repented of their sins and believed in Jesus Christ receive God’s Holy Spirit and are thus spiritually born again. A supernatural transformation and renewing of the mind takes place. The result is a changed life which is incontrovertible proof of the work of God.

Miracles are also proof that God exists and plays an active role in the world today. Miracles did not stop after Jesus ascended into Heaven. People have continued to experience supernatural miracles of healing and restoration, both physical and mental.

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4. Scientific evidence

God cannot be defined and explained by science but He created science and its laws. To any honest unbiased scientist who is willing to look objectively at the world around him, science points towards a Creator. With the great advances made in science in recent decades, we know so much more about the world but are no closer to explaining the world around us apart from God. The theory of evolution is probably the most influential yet wholly incorrect theory that is taught as fact in schools and universities today. It is nothing but a clever lie that the devil has used to keep millions in spiritual darkness. Faced with the complete lack of scientific support for the claims of evolutionary theory and discoveries to the contrary, even Richard Dawkins, the self-proclaimed leader of atheism has been forced2 to admit that “you might find evidence for (intelligent design) if you look at the details of biochemistry, molecular biology, you might find a signature of some sort of designer”. Indeed, that the theory of evolution is a clever lie is becoming increasingly clear. Over 700 leading scientists from all over the world have signed3 a declaration stating: “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.” In fact, since it has become increasingly clear that the theory evolution cannot explain the state of the natural world today, the fossil evidence or the increasing number of studies pointing to signs of an intelligent Creator, atheists including Dawkins have resorted to ever more fanciful ideas such as aliens ‘seeded’ life on earth. Read more details of the scientific evidence that points towards God.

5. Wrap-up

In conclusion, God has provided ample evidence and reason to believe in Him. The Bible testifies to God’s love for mankind and the way that He has created to reconcile mankind to Himself through His Son Jesus Christ. It must be pointed out that scientific evidence should not be the primary reason for one to believe in God. Rather, if you are truly seeking Him, the simple message of the cross is all you need. See how you can get saved and live a life of victory with Jesus.


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