What scientific evidence is there for God?

"Mystic Mountain" Hubble telescope photo by NASA

“Mystic Mountain” Hubble telescope photo by NASA

Many people today believe that science has proven the Bible wrong. This is simply not true and this thinking arises from one of the most formidable and effective weapons that atheists use – falsely proclaiming evolution as science.

Science is essentially of two types – experimental and historical. While experimental science is the foundation of the scientific method (testing a hypothesis to prove it right or wrong using observable and repeatable experiments), historical science today is in fact more speculation than real science. This is because the methods used by this pseudo-science are based on un-testable assumptions of events that happened a long time ago. It is extremely subjective and the ‘evidence’ can be made to support any wild claim – even ones such as life ‘evolved’ from a bunch of chemicals in a ‘primordial soup’ or that apes ‘evolved’ into man. Thus, evolution which is based on historical science exploits the genuine respect and credibility of experimental science.

The creation world-view is founded in and proven by the Word of God, the Bible. Yet, unlike the un-provable theory of evolution, there is ample experimental scientific evidence that proves that the universe was created by an intelligent Creator. Some of these are listed below.

The Teleological argument

The universe is so complex that it must have been created by an intelligent agent – a creator. For example, the irreducible complexity of human and animal body parts.

The Anthropic principle

An extreme degree of fine-tuning is observed in the laws and constants of nature and physics. The statistical probability that a universe such as ours can exist has been calculated1 at an impossibly low value – 1 in 1037. So low that it could not have occurred by chance.

The Cosmological argument

The first verse in the Bible is “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. However, till the early 1900s, it was widely believed that the universe had always existed without a beginning. In the 1920’s, Edwin Hubble discovered that galaxies are constantly moving away from each other by observing the phenomenon known as redshift. Thus science proved that the universe had a beginning, resulting eventually in the big bang theory. Thus the Bible has been proved right – there was a beginning to the universe. Now comes the interesting bit – that every event has a cause is universally accepted. So what caused the beginning of the universe? This is where science has no answers but the Bible rightly proclaims that God was the cause.

The Mathematical argument

Evolution is a mathematical impossibility. Even if the false assumption of evolutionists that the earth was not created thousands of years ago, but ‘evolved’ over billions of years, is true; the statistical probability that a functioning organism can develop through natural selection and mutation has been calculated2 to be at best around 1 in 1060, which is less than one in a billion trillion. This is so small that no scientist would stake his reputation on sticking to this event occurring. However their desire to believe in a universe without God is so powerful that they would rather choose to follow evolution than what real science says. Also, no one has ever actually observed a genuine mutation occurring in the natural environment which was beneficial.

The Thermodynamic argument

Consider the First Law of Thermodynamics which says that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. But then where did all the matter in the universe come from? It could only have been created by God.

The Second law of thermodynamics tells us that entropy or disorder in the universe increases and never decreases. So the universe is, in effect, decaying. If we trace this backwards, it shows that there was a beginning, caused by God.

Other arguments

  • Life cannot arise from non-living things. However much evolutionists claim this is true, this has never happened in nature and cannot be proven.
  • Where did the intelligent DNA information in the cell come from? Matter cannot give rise to intelligence.
  • Recently, scientists have found evidence of design in the universe3 and quantum mechanics even predicts a ‘hyper-cosmic god’4.

There are many more evidences and proofs that point towards God but are beyond the scope of this discussion. Suffice to say that a ‘lack’ of evidence for God is not the reason some choose not to believe in God. As the Bible says, anyone who beholds the wonders of creation and denies that there is a God is indeed a fool (Psalm 14:1)!


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