Nee Mathram Mathi Enikku – Chords

Guitar Chords for Malayalam Christian Devotional Song: Nee Mathram Mathi

Two other versions of this song are also available:

Language written in:

Verse 1:

       C                  Em
Yehova Yireh, Dhaathavaam Dhaivam
    Am      F     G
Nee Mathram Mathi Enikku
       C	      Em
Yehova Raapha, Sowkya Dhaayakan
      Am      F       G
Thaan Adippinaraal Sowkyam
       C	      Em
Yehova Shamma, Koodeyirikkum.
     Am	   F	     G
Nalkumavan Aavasyangal

Chorus: F G Nee Mathram Mathi Am Em Nee Mathram Mathi F G C Nee Mathram Mathi Enikku

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: C Em Yehovah Elohim, Srishtaavaam Dhaivam A F G Nin vachanathal Ulavayellam C Am Yehovah Elyon Athyunnathan Nee Am F G Ninne Pole Mattarumilla C Em Yehovah Shalom En Samadhaanam. Am F G Nalki Nin Shanthi Ennil

Repeat Chorus

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    Plz give me chord for song vazhthidunnu njan athyunnathane

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    please send me the piano note and chord for the christian devotional song viriyoo prabathame…. viriyu prakasame yesuve misihaeee divyamam velichame

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